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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) recently announced changes establishing a two-week window for applicants with fewer than 20 employees. Businesses with less than 20 employees account for more than 90% of all private-sector employers on Long Island. #ppp #economicrecovery

The pandemic has made everything a bit trickier - tax filing season is no exception. #taxseason2021

U.S. retail sales soared in January as consumers, buoyed by the cash payments that many Americans received as part of the latest $900 billion coronavirus relief package, boosted their spending. #economicrecovery #Retail

The benefits of filing early apply to millions of people who didn't get all the money they were entitled to as part of the first or second stimulus payment. #IRS #taxseason2021

More than 891,000 borrowers received a total of $72.7 billion. 11-31, according to the @SBAgov, which oversees the program. That’s 26% of the more than $284 billion in federal loan guarantees authorized by Congress in late December. #economicrecovery

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