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A pleasure to recognize the latest Eagle Scouts for Troop 888 at their Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Big congratulations to Nicholas Caporale, Jack Haggerty, Matthew Lang, Brian O’Reilly and Michael Schroeder, and their families for this great achievement. #eaglescout

PRICES ON THE RISE: "With American businesses and consumers now paying more money for goods and services, a debate is raging among economists and policymakers about if higher inflation is here to stay," ABC News' Elizabeth Schulze reports. #bidenflation

The United States of America is the greatest beacon for freedom and liberty the world has ever known. We must do everything we can to preserve the values the American flag stands for. #flagday2021

The whopping deficit projections reflect a government with steadily accumulating debt that has topped $28 trillion after well over $5 trillion in already approved COVID-19 relief, which would require the government to borrow. #bidentaxincrease #bidentax

On this day 77 years ago, the Greatest Generation stormed the beaches of Normandy. May we never forget their incredible bravery and sacrifice. Because of their courage, we are free. #DDay #GreatestGeneration

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