Local Labor Unions Overwhelmingly Endorse John M. Kennedy for Suffolk County Executive

Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau and Suffolk

The Nassau Suffolk Building Trades Council recently met to discuss their endorsements for this year’s elections and have announced that, by an overwhelming 17-3 vote, they have chosen to back John M. Kennedy as the next Suffolk County Executive. (Click here to view letter)

Mr. Kennedy’s support for working-class families and the importance of keeping jobs in Suffolk were cited by the leaders in announcing their endorsement.

“John Kennedy is the right choice to be our Suffolk County Executive and the right choice for the Nassau-Suffolk building trades because he cares for the hardworking men and women of labor and will work to protect the local workforce to ensure that local jobs stay local,” said Mario Mattera, Business Agent, United Association of Plumbers Local 200. “Being from a labor family himself, John realizes that construction is the backbone of the local economy. That’s why Plumbers Local Union 200 is endorsing John M. Kennedy for Suffolk County Executive.”

“I was born and raised in a labor family, which is why this endorsement has a very special meaning to me,” Mr. Kennedy said. “I am honored and humbled to have the confidence and support of our brothers and sisters of labor. When local labor works, our economy works and vice versa. We do that by getting our financial house in order, restoring fiscal integrity and putting people back to work.”

The fiscal mismanagement of Steve Bellone has forced people and businesses to flee Suffolk County in record numbers. When this happens, there is no growth, there is no building and there is no work for our local labor workforce. By correcting this fiscal nightmare and eliminating the onslaught of new taxes and fees, the exodus from Suffolk will end. Suffolk County will become a place that businesses want to come to thrive, a place where our local labor can thrive and a place where our next generation wants to stay, work and raise a family.

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